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Purchasers of “The Survey Guide for ASCs” can get a one-day assessment by John Goehle for $1,995 plus travel.  This includes a full-day visit to your facility in the Continental United States by Mr. Goehle to assess the following:

  • Tour of your facility
  • Review of Governing Body Minutes
  • Review of Quality Assessment and Performance Improvement (QA/PI) process and minutes
  • Review of Education program documentation
  • Review of a sample of Medical Records
  • Review of a sample of credential files
  • Review of a sample of employee files
  • Scan of the policies and procedures for the organization

At the end of the visit, Mr. Goehle will review his observations and provide feedback on areas that may need focus as the organization prepares for a survey or as part of the corporate compliance process.

While a one-day assessment is not a replacement for a comprehensive survey preparation program, it will assist your organization in determining issues that must be addressed.

Mr. Goehle is an experienced surveyor and speaks frequently at national conferences on the topic of compliance and survey readiness.  His engaging style and ability to quickly identify issues will make this a cost-effective way to keep your organization on track.

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NOTE: Travel will be charged separately!